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Why KWIZ features require specific access/app permission

KWIZ features utilizes various access and permission levels to enable its functionality seamlessly. Please follow this article if you want to know why KWIZ features require specific access/app permission.

KWIZ requires SharePoint access:

  1. SharePoint access is used while provisioning content to sites
  2. Running server-side logic such as: custom action activities (this will become opt-in)
  3. Maintaining repeating rows integrity (this will become opt-in)
  4. Provisioning and/or deploying updates into site content.

KWIZ requires Graph APIs permissions:

The integration with Graph APIs is crucial for KWIZ to access Azure AD user groups and their memberships so conditions can look up a user’s membership in Azure AD groups.


KWIZ requires Exchange access permissions:

For functionalities related to Email activities within KWIZ, Exchange access permissions are required. It's essential to configure these permissions only if Email-related features are configured/needed.