KWiz Forms add-on to app migration

Please follow this article if you are migrating from Forms add-on to Forms app

Before you migrate your forms: 

1. Migrate your site(s) using standard SP migration tools.
2. Please make sure that you have the same AD/SharePoint group names in the source and target
3. Target lists and source lists should have the same list name and column names.
4. Install Forms app in your Tenant. This is part of our KWizCom Modern Apps.


1. Export KWizCom Forms add-on settings from required lists your SharePoint 2013 - 2019 on-        premises environment. You can do this by going to your list settings within your list ribbon     
    and selecting "KWizCom  forms export to KWizCom Forms app".


2. From there you will want to select "Export" and you will by prompted to save the exported file
    as a .txt file.


1. Go to the same list that you have in your SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2019 environment.   
    In your modern list, please select the KWizCom Apps in the tool bar which is where you can     
    import your Forms settings from SharePoint 2013-2019 On-Premises environment.

2. In the KWizCom Apps, you will see Export/Import settings.

3. After that, you will want to click import which will allow you to import your Forms settings     
    from SharePoint 2013-2019 On-Premises environments.