KWIZ Environment Picker For Chrome

Please follow this article if you are looking to test a beta version of our app(s) before we publish to production

Relevant to: KWIZ SharePoint Online/2019 apps customers

When KWIZ releases new SharePoint Online version, we 1st release a BETA version to our beta test environment called “Fast-Ring”.

Customers who wish to check-out KWIZ apps beta versions before they are published to production, can connect to the KWIZ fast-ring environment by using the KWIZ Environment Picker” Chrome extension.

This extension simply changes the user’s local “hosts” file, to point to KWIZ fast-ring CDN server’s IP address.

After you add this extension to your Chrome browser, switching between KWIZ production and fast-ring environment is easy:

1.       Click the KWIZ Environment Picker extension button
2.       Select the environment you want to connect to: