KWIZ Add-ons Deactivation

Please follow this article if you are looking to deactivate code(s) for your KWIZ Add-ons

To deactivate KWIZ Add-on(s), you will need your Account number and Invoice number, witch you can find in your invoice from KWIZ sales department, or vendor (KWIZ partner) after you purchased a KWIZ product.

Once you have the account number and invoice number, follow the steps below:

  1. Open SharePoint Central Admin. On the main “Central Administration” page, you will see the “KWizCom Features Administration” icon:



2. Click the “KWizCom Products License Management“ link. You will be redirected to a page 
      that allows you to manage all your installed KWIZ products’ licenses.




3. Click "Manage License" link besides the add-on you would like to activate. Click “Copy to
     clipboard” to copy the product code you want to activate or you can copy the code manually in
     your text editor. 


4.  Once you have your Product code(s), go to KWIZ Account, License Management
      KWIZ Account, License Management

5. Enter the Account ID and the Invoice Number and click "Manage Licenses"


6. Select the product you want to deactivate from a drop down menu, and click on "Deactivate" 



7. Enter your product codes into the "Deactivation Code" field and click on "Deactivate".
    You will see the message: "The product was deactivated successfully".