Adding KWIZ Apps Foundation to the top-level site in site collection

Please follow this article if you want to add Apps Foundation to top-level site within site collection in your tenant

Please note,  you will need to add KWIZ Apps Foundation only to each site collection.              Please  follow the steps below. 

  1. Go to the top level site in your site collection where you want to have the KWIZ Apps Foundation.
  2. Go to “Site contents". Make sure you are in the "Classic SharePoint" experience. If not, please switch it by clicking on "Return to Classic SharePoint" link in the bottom  left corner.

  3. Click “New” menu and select “add an App”.
  4. Click “From Your Organization” link on the left side where you will see KWizCom Apps Foundation. Click on the app to add.
  5. If you see a message "You can't add this app here", please click "Find out why", in the link below. In most case, the Site Collection Admin or Tenant Admin will need to approve this app, before adding it. Please click on "Request Approval" link. 

6.  In your App Catalog, please select "App Requests" link and approve the app.


In case you're facing difficulties obtaining App approval without an email, you have the option to acquire an App Request UniqueID by using a SharePoint REST API request below:

* Make sure that the approval request was just sent and was NOT approved manually.

* Make sure that "https://{tenant}/sites/appcatalog" is correct URL to your app catalog


Then substitute {UniqueID} without brackets here to get the approval link:


7. Go back to the site where you want to add  KWIZ Apps Foundation, add the app
     again and trust it. You should now be able to add the app without requiring approval.