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Installing KWiz Apps on SharePoint 2019 and SharePoint Subscription Edition (SSE)

Please follow the steps in the article if you would like to use KWIZ apps on SharePoint 2019 or in SharePoint Subscription Edition (SSE)

Before you install any apps you must make sure your SharePoint server is properly configured to host apps, by following the MS documentation: 

Installation steps can be found below:

1. Download the Apps Package zip file and unzip it on your desktop. 

2. Install and deploy the
KWizCom Apps Foundation Full Trust.wsp package using the       
     PoSH script from the extracted zip file or by using the standard SharePoint Add-SPSolution
     and Install-SPSolution commands.
*If you can't add and deploy the package using the PowerShell , Here are the manual steps:

         Add Solution to the Farm:

    • Open Central Administration on the SharePoint server.
    • Navigate to "System Settings" > "Manage farm solutions."
    • Click on the "Upload Solution" button.
    • Browse  "KWizCom Apps Foundation Full Trust.wsp" package and click "OK".

    Deploy Solution to Web Applications:

    • After uploading the solution, go back to "Manage farm solutions" in Central Administration.
    • On the solution properties page, click "Deploy Solution."
    • Choose "KWizCom Apps Foundation Full Trust.wsp" to deploy the solution to and click "OK."
3. Upload packages to your Tenant app catalog

            a. As a Farm Admin, go to the “Apps for SharePoint” library in your Tenant App Catalog s                   site.
            b. Upload the kwizcom-modern-apps-upgrade-onprem.sppkg package from the     
                extracted Apps Package zip file. After the package is uploaded you will see the following                  popup:
               Click on the “Deploy” button to properly deploy it.

4. Go to your site and add the KWizCom Modern Experience On Prem

     a. Go to the site where you want to have the app and go to “Site contents”
     b. Click “New” menu and select “App”
     c. Click “From Your Organization” link on the left side:                   
5. After the KWizcom Modern Experience On Prem has been added to your site, you can now   
    activate the KWizCom modern apps in the relevant sites.
    Please refer to "installing KWizCom modern apps in your SharePoint 2019 site"