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How to remove KWIZ add-on License Renewal Notifications sent to your email?

If you would like to removing KWIZ license renewal notifications sent to your email, please follow the steps below:

Please note, notifications are sent to the email that has been entered into the "License Notification" field for each KWIZ product. In order to remove the notification, please follow the steps;

  1. Access Central Admin portal for your KWIZ products.

  2. Click the "KWIZ Features Administration" icon. 

  3. Click the "KWIZ Products License Management". You will be redirected to a page that allows you to manage all your installed KWIZ products’ licenses.

  4. Identify the KWIZ product for which you want to stop receiving notifications and click on "Manage License" for that specific product.

  5. Within the license management settings, find the "License Notification" field and delete the email address entered. This action will cease email notifications for the specified product.