How to migrate Repeating Rows to SharePoint Online

Please follow this article if you would like to migrate Repeating Rows from SharePoint On-Premises to SharePoint Online. The below steps will need to be done by an administrator

1. Create a Repeating Rows field in your list within SharePoint Online


2. Go to KWIZ Apps Settings -> Admin Settings 



3. Go to Remote Event settings

4. Click Remove Remote events
     * Please keep in mind some KWIZ app features will be affected by this once it has          been removed with the site. These features include Repeating Rows and Custom


5. On your local machine, please run the PowerShell script as an administrator in PowerShell
    console or SharePoint Management Shell

    Open the attached .ps1 (Attached) in any editor and update parameters. 
    Repeating Rows PowerShell script

    a. URL to SharePoint site where the Repeating Rows list was migrated.
    b. Name of the list with the Repeating Rows items.
    c. Name of the list where the new Repeating Row field exists.
    d. Name of the new Repeating Rows field.
    e. Name of Reverse Lookup field which was migrated from the On-prem environment.

6. Go back to Remote events settings and click Ensure events button