How to hide top and bottom save or apply buttons on form

Please follow this article you would like to hide the save or apply button on form


1. Open your KWIZ modern forms in edit item and select the top right gear icon. From there
    select the Script Editor.

This will open the script editor popup:

2. Copy and paste the below script into script editor. If you don't want to hide the save or apply
     button, all you need to do is change the button state from hidden: true to hidden: false.

kwizcom.ModernUILibrary.FormPage.OnReady("set-button-state", function (form) {

  if (form.context.pageType === 8 ){


    // Hide Save and Apply buttons in the bottom of the page


    apply: { hidden: true },

    save: { hidden: true },


    // Hide Save button in the top toolbar of the page

    var saveButtonn = document.querySelector("button:has([data-icon-name='Save'])") ;

    if(saveButtonn){ = "none";


    // Hide Apply button in the top toolbar of the page

    var saveasButtonn = document.querySelector("button:has([data-icon-name='SaveAs'])") ;

    if(saveasButtonn){ = "none";