How to enable Remote Events in KWIZ Forms app

Please follow the steps in the article if you would like to enable Remote Events for KWIZ apps. Remote events is needed for specific KWIZ features such as Custom Actions and Activities.

In order to use KWIZ apps features, it is required to enable Remote Events.

You can install Remote Events by using  KWIZ Apps Setup Wizard 

Make sure you are in the  "Top level site".

Before you start, please make sure that "Custom Script" is enabled and "Modern App Experience" is installed.

1. Navigate to "SharePoint Remote Events",  click on the cog wheel and choose "Configure         
    Remote Events"

2. Open "SharePoint App Permissions". If the page has an entry for KWIZ Apps, the remote event permissions have already been added, and you can skip to the final  step.

Here is an example of what the entry should look like:

3. Open "SharePoint Grant Permissions" and enter the information as it appears on the "Configure Remote Events" (section 3 to 5)

Here is an example how the page should look like;

4.  Click  "Create"

5.  Click "Trust it"

6. Click  "SharePoint App Permissions" and verify that the page has an entry for KWIZ Apps.

7. Click "Confirm" to set Remote Events Permissions Granted Indicator

8.  After confirming, you should see the message "It looks like you are ready to go. Click 'Finish'
      to start installing apps on your site."