How to enable custom scripting on a group/communication site

Why doesn't my KWizCom app work on a group site or communication site? I've enabled custom scripting tenant wide already.

Most KWizCom Apps require custom scripting to be enabled in order to work. Script files are normally blocked by default within SharePoint and because our apps use JavaScript in order to function, that means that if custom scripting is denied on a site, our products will not function. Group sites and communication sites are excluded when enabling custom scripting tenant wide and thus this has to be done manually at the group site using Powershell.

In order to enable custom scripting for these site templates, run the following command in Powershell:

Connect-SPOService -Url https://[yourtenant] -credential admin@[tenant] Set-SPOSite -Identity https://[yourtenant][siteurl] -DenyAddAndCustomizePages 0

This can be done via SharePoint Online Management Shell and does not require you to wait 24 hours as opposed to doing this tenant wide via the SharePoint Admin center.

More information regarding how to enable custom scripting in various methods can be found here: