How to add an activity or activity group to Scheduled Actions feature

Please follow this article if you would like to trigger an activity using scheduled actions.

What is Scheduled Actions:

        a. Scheduled Actions are triggered on a set schedule.
        b. On each run, a scheduled action would query the list to find all items that fulfil the   
        c. The action would then run on each item found.

There are runtime throttling limits:

        a. Each run is limited to 50 items (5 during trial)
        b. Total number of runs per month is 200
            (50 during trial, purchasing more runs is available)

How to configure Scheduled Actions:

1. To start please enable the Schedule Actions feature in KWIZ App Settings

2. In your list/Library open KWIZ Apps in list ribbon and select gear icon besides Scheduled   
    Actions feature.

3. Select + to create a new action to the Scheduled Action

4. Add your Activity or Activity Group to the Scheduled Action. You can also apply conditions to         your Activity by selecting the Condition tab.