How to change the column display name in our modern Forms

Please follow this article if you would like to change any column display name to another name. You can also use this feature to translate column's name from English to another language.

1. Click on "KWIZ Apps" within the ribbon, to open KWIZ Apps list settings page.


2. In KWIZ Apps list settings page, click on a gear icon besides "Form Layout"


3. Under "Groups/ tabs", click "new Tab" and name it

4. Click "Add row" 


5. From the dropdown menu, choose "Columns" and then choose the column name that you want
     to be changed


6. Click the gear icon and choose "Display settings"


7. In the "Label" field, add the name you want to be displayed, and click "Save".


   This is how the Column will be displayed in your list (new item, view item,  and edit item) after      the change