How to change field titles in Display/Edit/New form using CSS

Please follow this article if you would like to change your field titles in Display/Edit or New Form

  1. Each field has unique class name. To find it you can right click on field title and select inspect element.

    For Example :
    Title field will have unique CC Class name « kw-field-Title »

  2. Go to list form (New or Edit) and open Style Editor. If you don't see Styles Editor, please make sure you have enabled Forms Display mode within KWIZ Apps in your list. 

  3. In opened Styles editor add the following styles :

    .kw-field-Title label {
        visibility: hidden;
        position: relative;
    .kw-field-Title label:before {
        content: 'Here is another field title';
        visibility: visible;

    You can see that the text should be in « content » CSS attribute.

  4. You can add such styles for any field you want to change the caption.
    You need just replace « kw-field-Title » class name with the right one.