Activating the KWizCom Apps in your list and libraries

Please follow this article after you have installed the modern apps within your site

 After you install the KWizCom modern apps in your site, you can start using the activated   features in lists and libraries in the site.

 In the list/library's toolbar, click the "KWizCom Apps" button to open the KWizCom list-level 
 apps management page:

 In the KWizCom Apps settings page you will see all the available KWizCom modern apps for this

 To configure any of the apps' settings, click its gear icon .
 By default, the KWizCom Forms display mode is set to Off. This means that by default you will   see the out-of-the-box SharePoint list forms, and that's why you will see the message at the top of
 the KWizCom Apps settings page:

 To activate the KWizCom Forms feature in your list you should click the "KWizCom Forms
 Display Mode" button

 Now select one of the available display modes other than "Off":

For more details review the KWizCom Forms Display Mode article.